Keto Turkey BLT Wraps

Keto Turkey BLT Wraps

Keto Turkey BLT Wraps

10 Thick cut slices of turkey breast deli meat
Tomato slices
½ of an Avocado
3 tbsp Mayonnaise

  • First step, Place the 3 tbsp of mayo into a small mixing bowl, and add in ½ of an avocado. Use a fork to mash the avocado and combine it well with the mayo. You can use a food processor instead if you prefer a smoother finished product.
  • Step 02, Lay a piece of thick sliced turkey breast on a flat surface, and place a thin layer of the avocado mayo in a circle in the center of it.
  • Step 3, Lay 1-2 slices of precooked bacon down the center of the turkey slice.
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