Polish Drop Noodles (Kluski Kładzione)

Polish Drop Noodles (Kluski Kładzione)

Polish Drop Noodles (Kluski Kładzione)

3 cups / 430g of all purpose flour
2 eggs
1 1/4 cup / 300 ml of water
1/4 tsp salt

  • Step one. In a small bowl beat eggs to mix yolks with whites. Place flour in a large mixing bowl, add eggs and salt. Slowly start adding water and beat on low until blended well.*
  • Step 02, Fill a large pot with water and bring to boil. Add a couple of tablespoons of salt and a splash of oil to the water.
  • Step three, With a metal spoon form dumplings the size of a walnut or so, and drop into the boiling water by submerging the spoon in the water - see video above. For this recipe, I do it in three batches, not to overcrowd the pot. Once dumplings are dropped, with a wooden spoon gently stir the water to make sure dumplings aren't sticking together.
  • Complete Ingredients and Instructions: https://www.polishyourkitchen.com/polishrecipes/polish-drop-noodles-kluski-kladzione/

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